Venn Partners is a specialist investment manager in European residential investment strategies, serving the investment needs of a diversified group of government entities, leading global institutions and private investors

Our approach to clients

Alignment of interest
We invest alongside our institutional investors in the transactions we create, providing an alignment of interests.

Partnership approach
We aim to build successful long lasting partnerships with our investors, our borrowers and key market participants.

Team culture
We operate as one firm, collaborating to deliver all the relevant experience and capabilities of our firm to each situation.

We are open about our investment processes, decisions and structures, and provide a transparent source of capital to our borrowers along with clear and concise reporting to our investors.

Results driven
We are focused on meeting agreed objectives, delivering innovative solutions for our clients.

Social responsibility
We grow our clients’ capital over the long term, whilst fulfilling our commitments under our Environmental, Social and Governance policy.

Our approach to investments

Target lending markets with scalable and compelling risk return
We identify compelling opportunities where there is a gap between capital demand and supply, and create access points for term investment capital to go where it is needed.

Direct origination
We create value from the insights provided by our relationships with borrowers – being better able to serve their needs whilst also mitigating credit risks.

Structure our own investments
We interlock the design of our loan structures and the liabilities that fund them, to optimise the outcome for both borrowers and investors.

Fundamental credit analysis
We utilise our proprietary risk analytics and valuation platform, Vera, which underpins our approach to underwriting risk.

Risk management
We focus on building and maintaining a robust financial, operational and compliance risk infrastructure.

Promote sustainability
We integrate environmental, social and governance factors into our investments, to benefit the society on which we depend.